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FAMCO maintains a wide assortment of equipment to handle large and small welding, plasma cutting, torch cutting, plate rolling, shearing, turning, milling, and drilling operations. We also have a wide range of material handling equipment and truck & trailer fleet to quickly respond for pick up & delivery when response time is critical.


Welding Equipment

Full line of  MIG, TIG, & Stick Rod equipment to handle virtually any job in any material.


Plate & Pipe Cutting and Rolling


We offer accurate plate cutting up to 8" thick with our muti-head burning machine and Plasma Cutting Table. We can also offer waterjet cutting through our qualified suppliers whom we work with regularly. Accurate Plate rolling capability up to 10' wide and 1" Thick. 



Machine Shop Equipment

Various Horizontal and Vertical Turning Lathes to handle anything up to 82" swing capacity

2 Horizontal Boring Mills, Bridgeport Mills, & Large Drill Press

500 Ton Horizontal Hydraulic Press


Cranes & Misc.

2 - 10 Ton Bridge Cranes, 3 - 5 Ton Bridge Cranes, 2- Forklifts, Cherry Picker, Sand Blasting Area.



Truck & Trailer Fleet

1 Ton Dually Flatbed, 1/2 Ton Pick-up w/overhead Pipe Rack, Goose Neck Trailer

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